Papers on Labour History

Papers on Labour History (ISSN 0783-005X) is a publication series of the Finnish Society for Labour History. It publishes original research in the form of anthologies and monographs. The series welcomes contributions in Finnish, English and Scandinavian languages. Beginning from 2022, the contributions to the series have been peer-reviewed if the authors so wish. The peer review is conducted as a double-blind process by at least two independent referees.

Since 2015, the accepted manuscripts have been published both as a printed book and online in the digital repository of the University of Helsinki (Helda).

Papers on Labour History has received the Label for Peer-reviewed Scholarly Publications by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

Read more about the publication and peer-review process here (in Finnish).

Editorial board:
Raimo Parikka (editor)
Sami Suodenjoki

Contact: sihteeri(at)

Published in the series:

  1. Det nordiska i den nordiska arbetarrörelsen. Red. Pauli Kettunen. Papers on Labour History I. Helsingfors 1983.
  2. Der Zusammenbruch der Zweiten Internationale. Hrsg. Paavo Jokela. Papers on Labour History II. Helsinki 1988.
  3. Arbetarklassen i samhällets vardag. / The working class in the everyday life of society. Red. Katia Båsk, Antti Metsänkylä & Katarina Koskiranta. Papers on Labour History III. Helsingfors 1991.
  4. Arbete och nordisk samhällsmodell. Red. Pauli Kettunen & Tapio Rissanen. Papers on Labour History IV. Tammerfors 1995.
  5. Meeting Local Challenges – Mapping Industrial Identities. Ed. Sakari Hänninen, Kirsti Salmi-Niklander & Tiina Valpola. Papers on Labour History V. Helsinki 1999.
  6. Lokalt och internationellt. Dimensioner i den nordiska arbetarrörelsen och arbetarkulturen. Red. Pauli Kettunen. Papers on Labour History VI. Tammerfors 2002.
  7. Saarela, Tauno: Finnish communism visited. Papers on Labour History VII. Helsinki 2015.
  8. Huhta, Aleksi: Toward a Red Melting Pot. The Racial Thinking of Finnish-American Radicals, 1900-1938. Papers on Labour History VIII. Helsinki 2021.
  9. Turunen, Risto: Shades of Red. Evolution of the Political Language of Finnish Socialism from the 19th Century until the Civil War of 1918. Papers on Labour History IX. Helsinki 2021.
  10. Klasskamp på svenska. Aktörer, idéer och erfarenheter i 1900-talets finlandssvenska arbetarrörelse. Red. Matias Kaihovirta & Christoffer Holm. Papers on Labour History X. Helsingfors 2022. (peer-reviewed)
  11. Lähteenmäki, Maria (toim.) & Partanen, Jukka & Lackman, Matti & Meriläinen, Juhani: August Wesley. Maanpakolaisen elämä. Papers on Labour History XI. Helsinki 2022. (peer-reviewed)
  12. Johan Ehrstedt, Matias Kaihovirta, Emil Kaukonen & Mats Wickström (toim.): Luokkataistelua ruotsiksi. Identiteetti ja ideologia 1900-luvun suomenruotsalaisessa työväenliikkeessä. Papers on Labour History XII. Työväen historian ja perinteen tutkimuksen seura 2023.

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